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The Aurora Awards recognizes media creators around the world who demonstrate the great ability to captivate audiences by their creative displays of grand execution and brilliant content. Our stars appear as independent, corporate, freelance, broadcast, instructional and educational production groups large and small. 

The Aurora Awards is a professional filmmaker’s recognition company designed to recognize brilliance internationally in the media industry. Identified by a professionally recognized standard and semi-annual competitions, and is distinguished for offering valuable feedback to film creators. We reflect color and light of the best creators by endorsing, promoting and guiding them with visionary and innovative concepts and tools that create value for their own business and others.

The Aurora Award is a top-tier industry award for motion media (which are not broadcast nationally on all 5 major U.S. networks). It represents international, independent filmmakers, corporate video, multi-media in marketing, entertainment, and educational film works creating excellent film and video for their clients who as a result also win. 

Join us in recognizing these fine organizations who value excellence.


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The films and videos listed below have been judged nationally and have met our highest achievement of Platinum Best of Show for:



Production Company Winners

Josh Kapusinski   link

Imported From Brooklyn
B11 - Documentary: Biography
Client:  Communication Design Department at NYC College of Technology

Rescue Agency   link

CalFresh Healthy Living: Healthy Victories Media Campaign
C42 - Commercials: Campaign
Client: California Dept of Public Health

Signal2Noise   link

British Ports Association
E12 - External Communication/PR: Awareness
H09 - Conventions/Shows: Event Announcement
Client:  Aberdeen Harbour Board


In-House Representation - Corporate Winners
The Davis Group

SLAY: A Visual Essay About Successfully Managing Fear
E17 - External Communications: Corporate Campaign
Client:  Creative Strategy and the Business of Design (Book)

Coastal Fellowship Church   link

The Bible Project: Wisdom Series
D10 - Religious Instruction: Youth/Teen
D14 - Religious Instruction: All Ages

Student Winners

Taylor University   link

Run, Fight, Hide
M04 - Student Work: Promotion of a Cause
Client: Taylor University Police


Reflecting Aurora Awards Image Gold



This list currently being built as winners are announced. Not final.


The films and videos listed below have been judged nationally and have met high achievement of Gold Award for:



Production Company Winners

Candee Productions   link

Defensive Driving:  Be Aware  (Intro)
F07 - Internal Communications:  Safety/Security
Client:  Republic Services Inc.

Defensive Driving: Get Home Safely (Closing -  2019)
F07 - Internal Communications:  Safety/Security
Client:  Republic Services Inc.

Defensive Driving: Surviving Distracted Drivers (Part 3 - 2019)
F07 - Internal Communications:  Safety/Security
Client:  Republic Services Inc.

Children's Place Is...
D08 - Art/Human Values: Non-Profit/Charity Request
Client:  The Children's Place Association

Green Leaf Productions, Inc   link

E05 - External Communications/PR: Documentary - Issue
Client:  Green Leaf Productions / Thread

INVIVO Communications   link

In the Womb
I09 - Education/Training/Instruction: Medical
K04 - Interactive Multi-media: Educational
Client:  AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Jetlag Pictures   link

Copenhagen Road
B01 - Entertainment Feature

One Vision Productions   link

Artificial Consciousness Technology
K05 - Interactive Multimedia: Promotional
Client:  Artificial Conscious Tech

Qworky LLC   link

2018 FOCUS Together Videos
F14 - Internal Communications: Campaign
Client:  Republic Services Inc.


Escandon Roofing
C24 - Commercials: Public Service (Corporate Sponsor)
Client:  Escandon Roofing

Signal2Noise   link

Equinor Digital Innovation
E12 - External Communication/PR: Awareness/PSA
E02 - External Communications/PR: Corporate ID/Image
Client:  Equinor

Shoot You Ltd   link

Amadeus Online Travel Companies
E02 - External Communications/PR: Corporate ID/Image
Client:  Amadeus IT Group




The Clix Group   link

The Deal You Deserve
C03 - Commercials: Automotive Sales
G03 - Sales/Productivity: Marketing New Goods
Client:  Tailored Auto

Shiny Side up - DocuSeries
E17 - External Communications/PR: Campaign
Client:  Witte Bros. Exchange Inc.

Trammell Media Group   link

Adventure Aid Nepal 2019
C40 - Commercial:  Travel/Tourism
Client:  Adventure Aid Nepal

Visuence Productions   link

Image Film
E02 - External Communications: Corporate Identity/Image
Client:  CODE University of Applied Sciences

In-House Representation - Corporate Winners

Davis School District   link

On The Pathway
G03 - Sales: Marketing New Goods & Services

Stanley Black & Decker   link

FC Barcelona Femení – Together We Are More
D05 - Human Values: Social Issues/Report/Documentary

International Women’s Day - A Vision for Motorsport
D05 - Human Values: Social Issues/Report/Documentary

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)   link

Water: Essential to life, and life's experiences
J03 - Technical: Info/Report: Government Agency

Entertainment Winners

Royal Palm Films   link

B16 - Entertainment/Documentary: Issue

Achievement Winners

Asopa Films Inc.   link

Depth Of Pyaar
A02 - Individual/Creative Achievement: Directing

Student Winners

Ball State University   link

Muslims in Muncie
M02 - Student Work: Long Film (<12 Minutes)
A03: Individual Achievement: Editing
Client: The Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry

Taylor University   link

Sky Footwear
M05 - Student Work: Business Related
Client: Sky Footwear

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