2017 Aurora Awards Best of Show Winners


The Aurora Awards recognizes media creators around the world who demonstrate the great ability to captivate audiences by their creative displays of grand execution and brilliant content. Our stars appear as independent, corporate, freelance, broadcast, instructional and educational production groups large and small. 

The Aurora Awards is a professional filmmaker’s recognition company designed to recognize brilliance internationally in the media industry. Identified by a professionally recognized standard and semi-annual competitions, and is distinguished for offering valuable feedback to film creators. We reflect color and light of the best creators by endorsing, promoting and guiding them with visionary and innovative concepts and tools that create value for their own business and others.

The Aurora Award is a top-tier industry award for motion media (which are not broadcast nationally on all 5 major U.S. networks). It represents international, independent filmmakers, corporate video, multi-media in marketing, entertainment, and educational film works creating excellent film and video for their clients who as a result also win. 

Join us in recognizing these fine organizations who value excellence.




The films and videos listed below have been judged nationally and have met our highest achievement of Platinum Best of Show for:



Production Company Winners

Aperture Films  link

Debt Collection
C25 – Commercial: Public Service - Non-Profit Sponsor
Client:  Federal Trade Commission

Christine York Creative  link

Florida West | The Bluffs
E06 – External Corporate Communications: Economic Development
A09 - Individual/Creative Achievement: Use of Graphics/Design  (plus Gold Award in Editing)

Client:  FloridaWest

Chvala & Company Productions, Inc. link

The Work Will Continue
E04 – External Corporate Communications: Documentary Historical
Client:  Boys Town

Crystal Pix, Inc.    link

Season of Small Business
E12 – External Corporate Communications: Public Relations/Awareness/PSA
Client:  Paychex, Inc.

Dreambox link

Conquest of Istanbul, 3D Mapping Show for 564th Anniversary
E12 – External Corporate Communications: Public Relations/Awareness/PSA
Client:  Plan B on behalf of Istanbul Municipality

22nd World Petroleum Congress Official Opening Show
H03 – Conventions/Meetings/Shows: Convention Opener
Client: Ministery Of Natural Resources

Hawthorne link

Chorus Line TV Ad
C17 – Commercials/Adverts:  Household Products
Client:  HomeAdvisor

Always Know Digital Ad
C15 – Commercials/Adverts:  Health Care Products
Client:  Dexcom

Portable+Affordable TV Ad
C18 – Commercials/Adverts: Corporate Promotion/Image

Everywhere You Can't Be Digital Ad
C10 – Commercials/Adverts:  Financial
Client:  Equifax

Standing Ovation TV Ad Campaign
C42 – Commericals: Campaign

KPG Creative   link

UDRF Fund a Cure Documentary
B16 – Documentary: Issue
Client:  JRDF Southwest Ohio

Kyle Farley Media   link

The Dream of Travel
G02 – Corporate Sales: Marketing Established Goods & Services
Client:  Silversea Cruises

A World of Gaming
G03 – Corporate Sales: Marketing New Goods & Services
Client:  Casino Austria International 

7ate9 Entertainment   link

Magic of Storytelling- Beauty and the Beast Narrated by Emma Watson
C25 – Commercial: Public Service - Non-Profit Sponsor
Client:  Disney Channel


Women In Film LA

Habitat for Humanity ReStore PSA
C25 – Commercials/Adverts:  Public Service – Non-Profit Sponsor
Client:  San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity

In-House Representation – Entertainment Winners

It Is Written    link

Nunuk's Law
B16 – Documentary: Issue

Who was Desmond Doss
L9 & L10 – Broadcast:  Public Affairs Program & Citizen Recognition

Ohana Films, Inc.    

Meanest Man in Texas Trailer
B02 – Entertainment: Trailer

Revival Radio TV   link

Be The One
B02 – Documentary/Entertainment: Trailer
A04 -- Individual/Creative Achievement: Cinematography/Videography

Whistling Communications   link

The Nuclear Requiem
B16 – Documentary: Issue

In-House Representation – Corporate Winners

Honda    link

Honda and SRLA Help Students Discover the Power of Dreams
E01 – External Communications: Community Relations

Regional Hospice & Palliative Care    link

Making the Best of Everyday
C42 – Commercial: Campaign

Individual/Creative Achievement Winners

Christine York Creative link

Oceana: A Radical Redefinition
A17 – Individual/Creative Achievement: Animation
Client: Ocean Energy

Last Nerve Productions   link

Wonders of Southern India
A01 - Individual/Creative Achievement: Writing
Client:  PBS

Media Fusion Inc.   link

SLS - Scale and Power  
A17 – Individual/Creative Achievement:  Animation/Whiteboard Animation
Client:  NASA

Mike Field Enterprises   link  

Magnolia (Official Lyric Video)
A07 – Individual/Creative Achievement:  Original Music / Use of Music

The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties   link

We Are How We Treat Each Other
A13 – Creative/Individual Achievement:  Use of Music
(Also winner of Gold Award in E12 Category)

Student Winners



2017 Aurora Awards Gold Winners



The films and videos listed below have been judged nationally and have met high achievement of Gold Award for:


 AllenComm    link

Clinical Reasoning, Resilience and Teamwork
K06 – Interactive Media: General
Client:  Physicians Reciprocal Insurers

Aperture Films  link

What Kind of Nation
K04 – Interactive Media: Educational
Client:  Smithsonian Institution

Ball State University    link

Everlasting Light: The Story of Indiana's Bicentennial Torch Relay
B15 – Documentary: Historical Event
Client:   Indiana Office of Tourism Development

Blue Moon Productions    link

Gospel Dispensations
D10 – Religion:  Religious Instruction Youth/Teen
Client: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

CraneMorley Inc    link

2018 Honda Gold Wing New Model Introduction
K06 – Interactive Media:  Training - General
Client:  American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Crystal Pix, Inc.    link

Boys and Girls Club
D08 – Human Values: Non-Profit/Charity Request
Client:  Boys and Girls Club of Rochester

Let's Do Something Great
G05 – Sales/Productivity: Sales Promotion
Client:  Paychex, Inc.

Raised in Christ
E09 – External Corporate Communications: Fundraising/Appeals
Client:  Diocese of Rochester

A Respected Choice for Our Community
E02 – External Corporate Communications: Identity/Image
Client:  Ontario ARC

Equinox Film and TV Productions Limited    link

Family Moments
C13 - Commercial: Furniture/Home Decor
Client:   Victoria Plum

Eyes and Ears    link

For the Love of the Game
B12 – Documentary: Corporate
Client:   Saint Kentigern College

GameDay Productions    link

Sports Stars of Tomorrow
B18 – Documentary: Sports Related
Client: (Distribution TBA)

Ian Green, Fighting Back
L01 – Broadcast: Feature Story – Special Interest
Client:  Sports Stars of Tomorrow

Hawthorne    link

Points of Light TV Ad
C13 – Commercials/Adverts:  Furniture / Home Decor
Client:  Gemmy

KPG Creative   link

Getchell Brothers Ice Case Study
G02 – Marketing Established Goods & Services
Client:  Modern Ice Equipment & Supply

Last Nerve Productions   link

Wonders of Southern India
B19 – Documentary: Travel
A03 & A16 - Individual/Creative Achievement: Editing & Talent/Acting/Casting
Client:  PBS

Media Fusion Inc.   link  

Aviagen Corporate Video
E02 – External Communications: Corporate Identity/Image
Client:  Aviagen

One Vision Productions   link  

Released: When Does the Sentence End?
B14 – Documentary: Project/Product
Client:  U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia

Savvy Productions   link

Law Firm Campaign
C20 – Commericals/Adverts: Legal/Law Services
Client:  Gold Star Law

New Brand
F10 – Internal Communciations/Training
Client:  Allen Comm

Family Love Hope
C24 – Commercials/Adverts:  Public Service – Corporate Sponsor
Client:  Welti-Call

Beat of A Different Drummer
C03 – Commercials/Adverts:  Automotive Sales
Client:  Welti-Call


Edradour-Glenlivet Trailer 2016
E12 – External Communications: Public Relations/PSA
Client:  Total

Screencraft Entertainment GmbH    link

SWM - Munich Shines
E02 – External Communications: Corporate Image/ID
Client:  Stadtwerke München GmbH

Tech TV    link

FoodCell Kickstarter Video
C35 – Commericals/Adverts:  Sporting Goods
Client:  FoodCell

Comic Relief 2017
E13 – External Communications: Special Events
Client: Tusker

Tribe Pictures   link

Ethics in Action: Code of Conduct Training
K06 – Interactive Media: Training - General
Client:  BD

Women In Film LA   link

C25 – Commercials/Adverts:  Public Service – Non-Profit Sponsor
Client:  A New Way of Life Re-Entry Program

Work Flow HR Solutions    

017 F6 Q2 April - Intersections - Post Collection
F07 – Internal Communications/Training:  Security/Safety
Client: Republic Services

7ate9 Entertainment   link

Disney Firsts: Tea Party
B03 – Entertainment/Documentary: For Children/Youth
Client:  Yellow Shoes

 JoJo Siwa: My World
B11 – Documentary: Biography
Client:  Nickelodeon

In-House Representation – Corporate Winners

Central Indiana Educational Service Center    link

Greenfield-Central Schools
C32 – Commercial: Schools/Training Services
Client:  Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation

College of DuPage    link

College of DuPage: Active Violence Preparedness - Phase 1
F07 – Internal Communications/Training:  Security/Safety

Confluence Health    link

Confluence Health: Life Changing Careers
E16 – External Communications: Recruitment

Confluence Health Patient Stories: Exoskeleton Therapy
I13 – Instructional/Educational/Training: Fitness/Health

DeKalb County School District    link

I Love DeKalb Schools (30 Sec.)
C31 - Commercial: Educational Institution
C18 - Commercial: Corporate Image/Promotion

I Love DeKalb Schools
E02 - External Communications: Corporate Idenitiy/Image
A03: Individual/Creative Achievement: Editing
(Received Platinum for Use of Music/Original Music)

Federal Aviation Administration    link

Internal Substance Abuse Program Employee/ Awareness Course
F07 – Internal Communications/Training:  Security/Safety
Created for:  Office of Aerospace Medicine

MAMERC 3.0 Coming Soon
B02 – Entertainment: Trailer
Created for:  Office of Aerospace Medicine

Killefer Flammang Architects    link

Architecture for Los Angeles
E02 – External Communications/PR:  Corporate ID/Image

MEM Media Foundation   link

Anterior Cervical Decompression and 360 Fusion with Posterior Pedicle Screws C6-C7
I19 – Instructional/Educational/Training: Medical

Minimally Invasive Thorascopic Corpectomy, with Anterior Stabilization and Fusion
I19 – Instructional/Educational/Training: Medical

Mutual of America    link

East Harlem Center for Living and Learning
D05 & 08 – Human Values: Social Issues/Report/Documentary & Charity Request
I04 & I07 -- Educational: Social Studies & Issue Awareness
Client: DREAM

In-House Representation – Entertainment Winners

 It Is Written    link

Nunuk's Law (Platinum for whole work)
A01 & A05 -- Creative Achievement: Writing & Art Direction

Blood Rock
B11 – Documentary:  Biography

My Hometown: Sinners and Saints
B12 & B17 – Documentary: Corporate & Nature/Environment/Geography
A04 – Individual/Creative Achievement: Cinematography/Videography

My Hometown: True Confessions
L01 – Broadcast: Feature Story – Special Interest

The Heroism of Desmond Doss
L13 – Broadcast: Influencer Interview

Red Headed Revolution  link

The Prisoner of Perdition
B21 – Entertainment/Documentary: Low Budget

SafeTV®  link

Native New Life: Holding on to the Rock
D14 – Art / Human Values / Religion:  Religious Instruction: All Ages

Taylor University  link

Driving Indiana
B14 – Documentary: Project/Product (Historic)

Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry   link

Downstream: Connecting Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico  link
B21 – Documentary: Low Budget
A15 & A03- Creative Achievement: Narration & Editing

WAGM-TV  link

Public Affairs With Shawn Cunningham
L09 – Broadcast: Social Media Interaction

Individual/Creative Achievement Winners

Paul Overacker   link  

Clash Royale: Crown Championship Spring Finals (North America)
A02 – Individual/Creative Achievement:  Directing
Client:  SuperCell

Student Winners

Palm Beach Atlantic University    link

M01 – Student Work: Short Film (>12 Minutes)

Taylor University    link

Multiplying the Good
M05 – Student Work: Business Related
Client:  Multiply Technology

Physics and Engineering at TU
M05 – Student Work: Business Related
Client: Taylor University

Finding Success in Grant County
M04 – Student Work:  Promotion of a Cause
Client:  Grant County Economic Growth Council

Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry   link

Downstream: Connecting Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico  link
M02 – Student Work:  Long Film (<12 Minutes)

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