Aurora Awards Winner Standard Images

Those, who have been notified as a winner of The Aurora Award, may freely use these images for web-only applications. Images are to be kept to the same vertical and horizontal constraints (no distortion please).

If you would like images for print, please contact our office and request the specific graphic, size, digital format, and application needed. We would be happy to assist you in your promotions.

To download art, simply right click on the image and select "save as..." to a folder on your drive.


Aurora Award Statuette - Platinum Best of Show

Aurora Award Statuette - Gold Award



Aurora Award Laurels with Statuette


Aurora Award Winner Laurel and Year - Request year won

Aurora Award Winner Image Laurel silhouette Aurora Awards Winner Laurel Silhouette


Aurora Award Winner Year Logo Block
You may request this artwork layout for your applications. It comes in white with black block, full-color block with white, or navy on white. 

Aurora Awards Winner BlkBlock 2020

2022 Aurora Awards