The Aurora Awards is an online company which has never had large gatherings of individuals. Our work goes on remotely. Our national judges review entries independently and remotely of each other. Our work continues safely with the pandemic restrictions both locally and internationally.

Have we been affected by the 2020 pandemic? Yes. Many individuals we work for are on hold in their occupations and many are overly booked based on the new demand (those which were set up for remote and individual work). This has posed some hurdles for us to jump. We are still working to move forward seeking alternatives and new options.

Our hearts go out to those we serve who have had to temporarily halt their progress filming regularly or who have experienced loss of those close. We know you will find ways to fill the time creating and exploring resources. You are amazing, creative people!



Fall 2022 Competition Call For Entries -- Final Deadline Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

Event Media Partners: (Open, please contact us on our Contact Us page)



Added Highest Quality Industry Assessment page.

In our steps to improve industry judging, we took a hard look at what we do that puts us at the top of film assessment services. We compared ourselves to other awards services as well as festivals...and here is what we have to claim. It also includes what you need to know about your next film review. Visit this page today.

Oct 2017
Added Services page.

One thing we realized that was missing was what we do. Something so apparent that we share with others often and yet missed on our website. Hopefully, now it is crystal clear what we do at The Aurora Awards. See our SERVICES web page to learn what exactly we do.

MARCH 2016
Added "5 Reasons Why You Should Enter The Aurora Awards" on our Benefits page.

After listening to so many who have been a part of our community, we have learned from your comments and have created this new document stating the many reasons why you return and why you help to make this organization what it is today. Please check out our BENEFITS page for yourself.

Winners Pages newly developed. 2016 Winners listed in new format.

We have developed 3 new pages for our Winner's section. WINNERS, ABOUT and our first new page featuring the 2016 winners. We are working to add previous winners. The press release is also available online.

MAY 2016
It's ALL new! Our website became live on May 14, 2016. We are so excited to now be responsive.

With this new site you are able to login and create a profile that only needs to be updated each time you enter or order. Entering each competition is simplified and will allow for your review before proceeding to secured payment areas. Categories are fully described and can be easily selected from drop-down menus. We have even added more categories with the inclusion of women's, children's, fashion, broadcast, and more student and creative achievement categories.

For Aurora Awards winners, the entire ordering process is paperless. Your receipts and payment requests will be sent directly to your inbox. And, you are still able to pay with a check, if desired.

For our judges, we are solely online -- reviewing, scoring, feedback, and final review of scoring. There are specific, easy accessible instructions and judging FAQs. For those who wish to be an Aurora Awards judge, a new online 'Request to Judge' form allows you to request to be included in this most elite role.

We hope you enjoy these changes and invite you to give us some feedback. Please check back often as we are adding new pages each day.

2022 Aurora Awards