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It's ALL new! Our website became live on May 14, 2016. We are so excited to now be responsive.

With this new site you are able to login and create a profile that only needs to be updated each time you enter or order. Entering each competition is simplified and will allow for your review before proceeding to secured payment areas. Categories are fully described and can be easily selected from drop-down menus. We have even added more categories with the inclusion of women's, children's, fashion, broadcast, and more student and creative achievement categories.

For Aurora Awards winners, the entire ordering process is paperless. Your receipts and payment requests will be sent directly to your inbox. And, you are still able to pay with a check, if desired.

For our judges, we are solely online -- reviewing, scoring, feedback, and final review of scoring. There are specific, easy accessible instructions and judging FAQs. For those who wish to be an Aurora Awards judge, a new online 'Request to Judge' form allows you to request to be included in this most elite role.

We hope you enjoy these changes and invite you to give us some feedback. Please check back often as we are adding new pages each day.

2016 Aurora Awards L.C.