2018 Fall Competition

Begin accepting entries 
-- May 2, 2018

Deadline for entries -- October 9, 2018

Final extension* -- October 23, 2018 at midnight  

Expect Notifications/Announcements** 
-- Dec 4-18, 2018


2019 Spring Competition

Begin accepting entries 
-- January 7, 2019

Deadline for entries -- April 16, 2019

Final extension -- April 30, 2019 at midnight  

-- June 20-July 9, 2019

*Extensions not guaranteed
 **Barring any unforseen circumstances.  


Ideally, we would like you to enter as soon as you can so we may know how many judges and type of filmmaker to activate for the judging times. (We do not use the same judges for all entries as do other awards companies.) Specialty judges are aligned to specific categories/types of films so we are coordinating as much as we can prior to the deadline.

Please, do not wait until the latest deadline date if you can. Price remains the same for all entry times. You may enter and then create a Payment Request for payment later, if needed, but don't forget to pay before the deadline or you will miss this window.


2018 Aurora Awards