Simply. We have compared what we are doing with what exists in the industry today. We not only try to beat the competition, but rise above it in our ability to provide quality reviews of all motion media.  Our company delivers unique and quality reviews for hard-working film and video creators. Here’s a run-down on the five main points which illustrate why we are the industry awards leader for filmmakers.



How can judging be done effectively with knowing only part of the story? Since storytelling is a huge part of filmmaking it is important to have the entire work submitted. In contrast to companies who request a small portion of the work, The Aurora Awards requests access to the entire work. It’s true that shorter entries are easier to review but we don’t always seek the easiest route when it is not best. We know that some can create a great beginning and ending and completely have a dry middle. Our talented experts can also detect when the pacing is not consistent or the work does not contain the elements needed to make it complete or creative.

Plus, we do not require our judges to review more than 12 entries – after that amount we have tested and found that scoring and review factors changes dramatically – fatigue sets in. With other competitions, some entries we’ve tested should have won when a tired judge was too exhausted after reviewing 50-100 entries in one marathon sitting. Do you know what your judge’s requirements are? Are the guidelines clearly established like Aurora’s?


Even the Emmy’s qualifications will allow a 18-year old stuntman or hairstylist to judge. (See here) When was the last time you studied the qualifications to be a judge at the competition you’ve entered? Shouldn’t that be a high priority? We’ve studied the criteria to be judges at other film awards and film festival events and have found that many were not qualified to be judging let alone judging your specific kind of work. We saw that some were just critics and not actual working filmmakers. Others were account managers who were automatically entered to a membership and then granted the right to review your work. Are the recognition companies you are entering displaying the qualifications of the judges?

The Aurora Awards reaches out to our winners and occasionally to those we feel are highly qualified to be making the judgements of your work. We seek a minimum ten years of experience and then we train judges and give them guidelines to help maintain consistency among the judging outcomes. Essentially, we have created a standard whereby winners must perform for a win and subjectivity is not a driving element as in other creative awards.



Do you know who judges your entries? Do you know if a campaign manager, advertising specialist, or scriptwriter is reviewing your work? Just because they have some experience in the filmmaking industry doesn’t mean that they are qualified to judge all kinds of film entries. What if you’ve created a documentary…does someone who creates corporate commercials review it?

At the Aurora Awards we refine who is reviewing your entry. We align the talents of each judge with the type of work created. There is a difference between corporate films and broadcast work. There are differences between instructional videos and short films and technical or interactive films. We even seek out specialists to judge entries entered in individual and creative achievement categories for a deeper review of designated critical aspects of the film. And, we have multiple judges review your work. It’s important to know the number of judges reviewing your work.


When multiple entries are entered to a contest where “Best of…” is rewarded, one entry wins. What if none of the entries are all that great? One still will win. Right? And it matters if there are 100s of entries or just 10. Many times, we see film festival winners boasting about their wins and we know all too well that many are audience choice, some come from small poorly advertised festivals, and others were based solely on aspects like creativity. What if there are 10 excellent works in a festival or category…would you feel cheated if you didn’t win?
The Aurora Awards gives all who have reached a high level of excellence an opportunity to be rewarded. We believe that a performance based approach on three criteria – execution, content and creativity – more accurately serves everyone’s perception of “award-winning”. We are seeking for better than just creative…we are looking at the whole package of your creation to call it award-winning and we see some amazing works come through and are pleased to be able to award them.



Have you ever had that feeling after entering some competitions that your work did not get judged or fairly be judged? Where many of our competitors reply with a win/no win or even a non-response, at The Aurora Awards you can know that it HAS been judged. Not only are you getting your work judged, you also get comments and instruction for your entry fee. We provide a customized notification of your entry with feedback from our national judges – now that carries some value. Find out for yourself. 


Our filmmakers are at the heart of our business. It is not the quantity of entries that we get to judge but the quality in which we offer to you. We don’t have the fastest turn-around times, but we make sure we offer a quality service. We have a loyal following who know of our services and expect us to continue to represent excellence in filmmaking and to perform to create a high standard. Our judges drive our results and ensure that their own Aurora holds her value.

We, the team at The Aurora Awards, can rightfully claim to have the highest quality review.


2022 Aurora Awards