Aurora Awards Judges

The Aurora Awards seeks out highly qualified judges and judging coordinators to complete our judging process. We seek judges mostly from our extensive database of Platinum Best of Show winners and occasionally some consistent well performing Gold winners. We qualify them based on their experience, numerous wins over time, and seek them also for their specialties.


Our judges are working professionals and some recently retired professionals from throughout the United States. We request judges from various cities to gather a whole industry representation, rather than the same few. This is why our process takes a few extra weeks, we simply desire great judges to view your work and we feel they, as a whole, consistently do a superb job.

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Our judges are award-winning filmmakers who have proven over time that they can create excellent work. They have knowledge, an eye and sensibility for what it takes to win awards.;


All of our judges have a minimum of 10 years of experience and we have judges with over 40 years of experience as well. To have your work reviewed by the best is our aim.;

Working Professionals

Working professionals from the industry can offer accurate assessments. Award-winning creators are aware of the latest technology, methods, and are on the watch for what is trending.;

New Ideas

Some of our judges say that judging provides an opportunity to capture new ideas from others' work. It is also becomes a comparison tool. In fact, many continue to enter their own work into the competition to remain current to keep the claim of award-winning companies.;


By winning an Aurora Award, filmmakers are qualified and can request to become a judge. We review the applications and determine who will become an Aurora Awards judge. In contrast to our competition we select the best creators.;

Judges of Character

We have an incredibly experienced pool of judges. Many are at a point in their careers where they have much to "give back". They show they care in the feedback we pass along and they are loyal to The Aurora Awards by continuing to enter their work in our competition to remain award-winning filmmakers and companies.;

Vested Interest

It was at one time early in their career that a judge influenced their own work by providing valued feedback. Our judges wish to retain the value of their own Aurora Award by accurately judging each and every entry.;


Being qualified to judge has advantages. For each competition there becomes a window to reunite with other award-winning industry professionals to review great works. Some of our judges use the judging as training instruction for their entire team where they may learn to review in conversation.;


Our judges are to follow rules of confidentiality when viewing submitted entries. They may not share with others who are not judging, nor are they able to show others the work. They may share concepts they have learned, but no actual outside viewing is allowed. They hold an important key for time.;


Interested in becoming an Aurora Awards Judge?

Do have extensive experience in the motion media industry? Do you wish to drive the standard of filmmaking upward? Do you wish to give back to aspiring filmmakers? Do you wish to support good values in filmmaking? Have you been a film creator or specialist who has consistently earned award-winning titles but never heard of The Aurora Awards until now?  Are you well-respected by your creative peers and have pleased a lot of clients? If you said YES to any of the above, we'd like to continue a serious conversation for inclusion in our National Judging Team collectively known as "Aurora Kp9 Talent".

The Aurora Awards has a special judging selection process where we review experience, request references and determine if you are qualified. If you are interested, please view this FAQ describing what we expect, then create a LOGIN and USER PROFILE and from the dashboard, select REQUEST TO JUDGE (submit link not working and under construction, please email us the same info), or simply phone us and ask for our Aurora Kp9 Leader. We welcome your communication!


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