Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What makes The Aurora Awards different from other film awards?

The Aurora Awards is not a film festival or a pumped-up award that has expensive ceremonies which demand travel. Our focus is on giving you the best review of your work and providing feedback from your award-winning peers in specifically-matched areas of filmmaking. We represent only filmmaking in its many forms -- corporate, educational, entertainment, broadcast, instructional, interactive, etc. Our judges are not media specialists that know film but are actual film and video creators.

How much does it cost to enter? How much if I win?

The entry fee is $90 for each professional category entered. You may decide to enter one or more categories for each film/video. Students may enter their work in the Student Film categories for $60. You ultimately determine what you wish to order after you win. There is no commitment to spend now as awards may be ordered for previous years.

What are the eligibility requirements to enter?

ELIGIBILITY: Videos, film or motion media must have been completed, aired or released within two years before the competition year entered. There is no restriction on play length. RELEASE: Works must not have aired on all 5 national TV networks, regional and internet releases are accepted. We also accept corporate, cable, PBS, and theatrical releases. See categories for full list. LANGUAGE: Productions can be in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. All other languages must have English subtitles or be judged AS IS. FORMAT: All entries must have an online URL (browser address). You may post your work any place of your choosing (own site, Vimeo, YouTube, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) Work must be playable in a standard digital format (AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG or Quicktime).

How many winners are there per category?

We do not select the best per category because for each competition the quality of entries in each category vary. Sometimes we see many great entries to each category and by choosing only one may still eliminate some really great work. Many may win or none may win -- it is dependent on the quality of film or video entered.

Which category should I enter?

The CATEGORIES have been designed to be broad, so there are several categories your entry could fit in. Start by looking at the category headings. What is your application? Is it a commercial, documentary, or something else? Or would you like the judging focus to be on individual/creative achievement? Once you’ve picked the category, go through the sub-categories and find one that matches your entry. Many choose to enter their work in a few different categories so different judges will focus on different things. For example: Your entry may win an award for both directing AND for its effectiveness in external fund raising! Note that the entry fee will be charged for each category entered.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Most major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JBC, Discover). We help you create a request for payment if you need to request checks from your purchasing department or administrator. And upon special request, we accept PayPal.

How can I be notified of your competition deadlines?

Our competitions are twice a year. We send out special email invitations prior to our deadlines. You may sign in to our website and after including your information you may choose CONNECT on your member dashboard. Our deadlines are listed on the NEWS tab of our website.

Who can be a judge at The Aurora Awards?

Our judges are especially selected from our previous Aurora winners and a limited few are chosen from special invitation and special requests. If you feel that you have the experience but have never have heard of The Aurora Awards and would like to be a part, you must create a login and then REQUEST TO JUDGE. Our judging team will review your application and check your references and make a decision.

Why doesn't The Aurora Awards have nominations like the Oscars and Emmys?

The playing field for this type of work is much larger than prime-time and motion picture. If we tried to make it a nomination-type of competition then many would get left out. So if you know of someone who you believe should be deserving of an Aurora Award, you could offer to pay for their entry fee or suggest that they seek Aurora Awards recognition for their accomplishments. (Note that there are entry fees for Emmy awards.)

Do you have gift certificates for entries or earned awards?

Yes we do. We would gladly assist you in purchasing a custom gift certificate to someone you know who would like to enter or purchase an earned reward. What a better way to say that you care -- acknowledging their specific interests. We have the option to send it directly to you or to your recipient. Please use our Contact Us page or phone our office and we will personalize your request.

Can non-filmmakers submit entries?

Certainly. Often, we have company representatives who have contracted to have a video created for their internal or external communications. Other times they would like to assess how their in-house creatives perform. There are many benefits from this, namely, (1) to extend their runway of marketing, (2) to measure how their contracted or in-house production company rates, and (3) to receive recognition in another aspect of their company -- a unique feature they wish to claim.

I was part of a winning company or team...may I purchase an Aurora for myself?

Yes. If you were part of creating an Aurora Award winning project, you are more than welcome to share in the benefits! You may even personalize your statue with your name and title. CONTACT US for information on how to order as all orders must be referenced to specific entry numbers and entrant identification numbers.

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