The Aurora Awards have established these qualifications primarily because we believe there is an unfair advantage due to budgets for these kind of productions. We wish to recognize those not served by other award companies which are highly promoted with nationally produced prime-time coverage. Many kinds of film and video works are accepted and are based on where they will be aired. But there are only a few exceptions. We will cover those first.




Releases and completed pre-releases to non-commercial & public television networks; genre and general entertainment TV networks; news, sports and lifestyle networks; religious TV networks; minor and digital multi-cast networks; and world-wide-web (internet) and live theatrical productions.

Broadcast media by independent affiliates of the 5 major networks will be accepted.




Releases to be aired on all 5 major U.S. networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Broadcasting Company and The CW) or on any one of these networks for prime-time viewing.

Motion pictures which are released by the "big six" motion picture studios (Paramont Pictures, WarnerMedia, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures. and Walt Disney Studios) will not be accepted. Although work by independent companies to accompany these motion pictures in smaller forms of promotions may be accepted.


Entries which have been released or completed and published in the PREVIOUS TWO YEARS of the final entry deadline date will be accepted. We are accepting full completed pre-releases prior to their airing or final online publish. This is one way to garner testimonials or content needed for effective promotional events.

Currently for the next competition:

Releases after April 12, 2020.




The Aurora Awards wishes to represent and exemplify works of great moral values. For this we have defined what we believe are acceptable. The Aurora Awards reserves the right to return entries and refund entry fees of programs it deems contrary to its mission, which is to promote good values in production and content.

We believe this value recognition should be widely withheld in this industry because film and video regularly influences so many. If we expect our communities and citizens to act and behave responsibly and in unity we must be the ones who instill respect, unity and good values. We are all creators of influence. 

What we defined as good values

Film and video can be an amazing tool that, if used for good, can build, teach and rapidly accelerate forward movement and growth. Creations that best portray good values in film and video are inspiring, encouraging, show respect and good morals in content, language and appearance. They inform and teach, entertain to enlighten, and leave one with a greater knowledge, appreciation or love for others. Films and videos that are viewable by general audiences frequently unite people and encourage positive emotion and action.

What will be declined

We decline works which are offensive in content. This is further defined as inappropriate, illegal or designed to promote illegal acts, extreme violence, gore, evil motivations, pornography, sexual nudity, sexual seduction, themes of rude demeanor, frequent offensive language (anger), derogatory material, information with great bias or misleading nature, negativity, intent to social harm or demean, substance abuse made to appear as favorable and what would be considered MPAA R or NC-17 Rating.

If any of the above are used as examples of harm and is used in teaching positive behavior and values, it will be accepted. Our judges have specific instructions to inform us if any media material they are asked to review violates our values.


2022 Aurora Awards