All motion media is not created equally. And it should not be reviewed by just any judge. The Aurora Awards seeks to match each entry to a judge with that talent and experience.

CATEGORIES INDICATE YOUR CREATIONS -- We use categories to let the world know what kind of entry you have created. The designation will show up in our WINNERS section for those selected.

No designation is labeled as 'digital', 'online' or 'new media'. We judge all applications of film, video and media for film or video.



MANY CATEGORIES TO CHOOSE FROM -- With over 200 categories to choose from, you will find a category which best describes your work's intent. We also have categories to tune-in on specific areas of the work for more detailed analysis of a specific aspect (See Individual / Creative Achievement Categories).

The Aurora Awards is the only film industry awards company that works for a quality assessment for you.



First select the main category which best describes the application for which the film/video was created.

A. Individual / Creative Achievement

B. Entertainment / Documentary

C. Commercials / Adverts

D. Art / Human Values / Religion

E. External Corporate Communications / PR

F. Internal / In-House Communications / Training

G. Sales / Productivity

H. Conventions / Meetings / POS / Shows

I.  Educational / Training  / Instructional / How-To

J.  Technical Information/Report

K. Interactive Multimedia

L. Broadcast

M. Student Works


Next, select the subcategory which best describes the kind of film/video or select a specific area to be evaluated.


A. Individual / Creative Achievement

A01 Writing Film story or content; theme and underlying message
A02 Directing Creative decisions and acting of the film, telling the story creatively
A03 Editing Post-production assembly of the shoot assembled with voice and music; responsible for pacing, cuts, coloring, visual effects, etc.
A04 Cinematography/Videography Artistic and technical compositions of the image; camera angles; moving & still shots; photography; lighting
A05 Art Direction Visual conception; production set design, costume design, makeup and hair
A06 Audiography / Sound Design Sound recording, editing, mixing and sound design but excludes musical composition, songwriting and choreography
A07 Original Music / Use of Music Music composition, original scores, mix-up creations
A08 Use of Drama Creation of a situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results that directly influences the outcome of the film
A09 Use of Graphics/Design Graphic design as an art element; Tagged designs for identification of persons, locations, credits, etc.
A10 Use of Special Effects Mechanical and optical effects effects (FX/SFX);Mechanical (ie. simulated weather, specialized makeup, pyrotechnics, chroma key compositing (blue/green screen), etc; and optical (ie. fade outs and fade ins, dissolves, slow motion, fast motion, and matte work) Not the same as visual effects that are done in post-production.
A11 Use of Specialized Photography Modified photography to create special effects, ie. time lapse
A12 Use of Humor How the use of humor/comedy adds to the message and creativity of the film/video
A13 Use of Music How any type of music is used to portray the message of the film/video
A14 Miscellaneous Items not fitting into any other individual category (pre-define with Aurora office)
A15 Voiceover / Narrating How the use of voice and voice design affects the overall composition; talent of the voice
A16 Talent / Acting / Casting  How the use of characters created the overall message; the talent of the acting or reporting to support the message
A17 Animation / Whiteboard Animation Animation or whiteboard animation and how it effects the message of the film
A18 Video Photojournalism Video used in broadcast journalism; Collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for broadcast

B. Entertainment / Documentary

B01 Entertainment Feature/Short Film Entertaining film for feature or short film (of less than 40 minutes) including credits; includes animated, live-action, and independent films
B02 Trailer Preview of a full-length film used as a quick view of the movie to be released; promotional tool for television shows, video games, books, and theatrical events/concerts
B03 For Children / Youth Entertainment or documentary intended for viewing by children or youth (ages 16 and under)
B04 Foreign Language Entertainment or documentary created in a foreign language
B05 Musical-Live Concert Entertainment or documentary of a live concert - all music genres included
B06 Musical-Variety Entertainment or documentary to portray lives of musicians, music history or other varieties of music; Rocumentaries
B07 Music Video / Song Entertainment in which music is acted out by musicians or others with special permission
B08 Sports Program Entertainment or documentary of a sports-related event or sports history
B09 Live Sports Event Entertainment or documentary of a live sports event or sports history spotlight, may highlight individuals as it pertains to the event
B10 News Magazine Short documentaries that tries to give the viewer an understanding of an important event, rather than just the facts; usually pertains to politics, science, nature or celebrities. (ie. Dateline/60-minutes US style)
B11 Documentary-Biography Documentary relating to another individual, animal, or society's life
B12 Documentary-Corporate Documentary relating to a united group or business and its attributes
B13 Documentary-Cultural Documentary relating to all cultures; pertaining to the behaviors and beliefs of social, ethnic or age group; scholarly pursuits
B14 Documentary-Project/Product Documentary relating to a project or a product that impacts or had an impact on society
B15 Documentary-Historical Event Documentary of any historical event
B16 Documentary-Issue Documentary created to record an any kind of issue, whether it is social, political, medical, mental, etc.
B17 Nature / Environment / Geography Documentary with topics of nature, environment, geography and the world around us
B18 Sports Related Entertainment or documentary which is sports related, includes team stories, fan-related entertainment, sports reviews, etc. 
B19 Documentary - Travel Documentary relating to travel and geographic locations
B20 Student Film Short entertainment or documentary produced by students as part of a study of film and video; (use new categories in the M Section)
B21 Low Budget  Entertainment or documentary created with a budget of less than $700/minute
B22 Wedding / Personal Event Entertainment or documentary of any personal event including, but not limited to, weddings, graduations, ceremonies, life sketches, etc.
B23 Series Episode - Short Short entertainment works created to introduce a new series or first episode to a new series
B24 Short Short Film Entertaining film of less than 5 minutes with brief credits
B25 Live Comedy Entertainment of live comedy or documentary of a comedian
B26 Fashion / Fashion Design / Beauty Entertainment of documentary relating to tasteful and professional fashion and beauty elements
B27 Live Event Other Other live events not related to sports, music, or personal activities
B28 Silent Film Entertainment specifically created with no sound; may be for audiences of audio impaired or just a re-creation of historical silent films
B29 Film Teaser A brief film used to measure interest levels for a documentary or entertainment film, used prior to acquiring full funding to validate creating the work
B30 Film Extras / Bonus Short entertainment works created to give background details and additional information about a full-length film or documentary

C. Commercials / Adverts

C01 Agriculture Goods & Services Commercials relating to agricultural goods and services such as farm equipment, animal care, veterinary, seeds and grains, etc.
C02 Automotive Goods & Services Commercials relating to automotive goods and services such as auto repairs, auto painting & detailing, auto products, lube services, tire products, etc.
C03 Automotive Sales Commercials relating to physical sales of new, used or rental vehicles
C05 Clothing / Fashion / Fashion Design Commercials relating to fashion, clothing and clothing design such as sales, bridal shows, children's clothing, specialty design clothing and accessories, etc.
C06 Computers / Smartphones / Laptops Commercials relating to computers in all forms such as PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
C07 Personal Care Products / Services Commercials relating to personal care products and services and fitness services such as gyms, sports training centers, weight loss, exercise tools, skin & hair products, etc.
C08 Entertainment / Amusement Commercials relating to entertainment and amusement related locations such as theme parks, movie theaters, recreation centers, etc.
C09 Financial / Bank Commercials relating to financial institutions, banks including those with  managing relations to these 
C10 Financial / Credit Union / S&L Commercials relating to all financial member owed credit unions, financial organization, and savings and loan groups
C11 Financial / Goods & Services Commercials relating to services and goods which support finances such as accounting products & services, financial tips, etc.
C12 Food Items / Services Commercials relating to products for food; food preparation tools, outdoor cooking tools, catering services, dietary guideline videos, individual foods, packaged foods, beverages, etc.
C13 Furniture / Home Décor Commercials relating to furniture, home décor, interior design, floral décor, etc.
C14 Grocery Stores / Markets Commercials relating to grocery or convenience stores including natural foods markets, farmer's markets, produce and fish markets, etc.
C15 Health Care Products Commercials relating to health care products such as vitamins, skin applications & treatments, over-the-counter medicines, dental care, blood level monitors, etc.
C16 Health Care Services / Hospitals Commercials relating to items such as health care services, hospices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, rest homes, veteran care, etc.
C17 Household Products Commercials relating to household goods such as large and small appliances,  cleaning supplies, storage supplies, etc.
C18 Corporate Promotion/Image Commercials intended to promote the image of a business for brand identity and marketing
C19 Insurance Commercials relating to home, life, vehicle, business or identity insurance, not limited to these listed
C20 Legal / Law Services Commercials relating to legal services such as provided by law firms, legal organizations, legal advisers, etc.
C21 Meat Products Commercials relating to meat products, storage, production, preparation, etc.
C22 Medicine / Pharmaceuticals Commercials relating to medicines and pharmacies dispensed by a registered dispensing store or group
C23 Political Campaign / Issues Commercials relating to political campaigns, political issues, political advisers, political parties or representatives, etc.
C24 Public Service-Corporate Sponsor Commercials relating to all public services presented by public service organizations such as maintenance & repairs, internet access, cable, etc. 
C25 Public Service-Non-profit Sponsor Commercials relating to public service by a non-profit group such as arts/cultural organizations, education and research services, member benefit organizations, etc.
C26 Publishing Commercials relating to publishing such as provided by new organizations, book publishers, white paper groups, magazines, etc.
C27 Real Estate Commercials relating to real estate whether land or land with property; also includes commercial and residential real estate and vacation properties
C28 Restaurant / Food Services Commercials relating to restaurants and food services and includes cafes, delis, fast-food, food delivery, and all services which connect food with a consumer
C29 Retail Store Commercials relating to all kinds and sizes of retail stores for the promotion of retail products as a whole
C30 Retail Store-Discount / Warehouse Commercials relating to wholesale or warehouse discount stores
C31 Educational Institution Commercials relating to educational institutions such as provided by educational firms,  organizations, advisers, tutors, etc.
C32 Schools / Training Services Commercials relating to schools and other areas of training including specialty training for operations, specialties, web development, design, etc.
C33 Shopping Centers / Malls / Outlets Commercials for the promotion of shopping centers, retail outlets, malls, etc.
C34 Small Retail / Convenience Commercials for the promotion of small retail and convenience stores
C35 Sporting Goods Commercials relating to sporting goods or products such as exercise or sports equipment, outdoor recreation gear and apparel, hydration needs, sports tools, outdoor sports supplies, etc.
C36 Sporting Services / Recreation Commercials relating to sports and recreation services such as fun centers, sports training, organized races/tours, dances, corn mazes, haunted houses, etc.
C37 Station Identification / Promo Commercials relating to TV, radio or media station identification and promotion
C38 Technology Commercials relating to technologies in technical areas which can include cellular, cloud, wireless, networks, communication, systems, jobs, engineers, new development, etc.
C39 Transportation Commercials relating to transportation of all kinds including train, flight, bus, subway, boat, ship, vehicles, bicycles, etc.
C40 Travel/Tourism Commercials relating to individual or group travels and includes travel locations and elements
C41 Utilities/Public Services Commercials relating to utilities and public services such as cable services, city services, energy services, water related services, etc. 
C42 Advertising Campaign (Up to 5) Commercials grouped into an advertising campaign (up  5 commercials submitted)
C43 Aging / Elderly Services Commercials relating to aging  such as provided by elderly firms, aging organizations, aging advisers, etc.
C44 Antiques / Collectible / Gifts Commercials relating to material goods that are either new or old, items that are collected for value and items used to give to others as tokens
C45 Business Machines Commercials relating to all machines used for business applications, whether for internal office use or specialized for a specific purpose
C46 Babies / Children Commercials relating to child protection, child care, toys, baby care products, strollers, car seats, etc.
C47 Women's Issues Commercials relating to women's issues including mammography, pregnancy, labor, delivery services, nursing and nursing products, etc. 

D. Art / Human Values / Religion

D01 Art Instruction Video primarily created for the instruction of visual and performing arts and may also include instrument instruction, instruction of media applications, choreography, etc.
D02 Art/Culture Issues/Report/Documentary Documentary, report or issue relating to arts and cultures
D03 Ethics Instruction Video primarily created for the instruction of moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior
D04 Ethics Issues/ Report/Documentary Documentary, report or issue relating to ethics
D05 Social Issues/ Report/Documentary Video primarily created for the education and enlightenment of social issues in our societies locally, nationally, or globally 
D06 Social Issues Instruction Instruction video created to assist in the instuction of a social problem, social illness or social conflict
D07 Philosophy Video primarily about general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language or body of knowledge
D08 Non-Profit/Charity Request Video created to request funds for non-profit or charitable organizations or persons
D09 Religious Instruction, Children Instructional video intended for children for religious or spiritual instruction
D10 Religious Instruction, Youth/Teenage Instructional video intended for youth/teens for religious or spiritual instruction
D11 Religious Instruction, Adult Instructional video intended for adults for religious or spiritual instruction
D12 Religious Service Video of a religious service; live or edited
D13 Religious Issues/ Report/Documentary Documentary, report or issue relating to religion
D14 Religious Instruction, All Ages Instructional video intended for general audience for religious or spiritual instruction

E. External Corporate Communications / PR

E01 Community Relations Video created for press releases, press conferences, public speaking engagements, and community service programs all in an effort to have others connect and have favorable impressions or "good will"  by the actions of the company
E02 Corporate Identity/Image Video created to establish the overall corporate identity and image for the purpose of consumer recognition; allows consumers to denote their sense of belonging
E03 Crisis Communication Video presentation of crisis communication conditions which may include survival skills, use of evacuation equipment, immediate safety reporting, etc.
E04 Documentary - Historical Corporate documentary of historical events, persons or innovations
E05 Documentary - Issue Corporate documentary of external/internal issues and impact or resolution
E06 Economic Development Video presentation of economic developments and impact on community, environment, employment, etc.
E07 Environmental Protection Video presentation of methods to protect the environment including "going green", recycling or nature preservation of environments
E08 Facility Tour Video tour of work facilities to familiarize the public with internal operations or locations of the company
E09 Fund Raising / Appeals Video presentation for public groups/individuals for raising funds or for public appeals of service or material goods for promotion of a cause or company growth
E10 News Magazine Video created to present a strong story based on its visual components to be shared on client's intranet or through social media platforms
E11 News Report/Update Video created for announcement of news-worthy events, awards, major changes or additions, etc.
E12 Public Relations/Awareness/PSA Video presentation to the public for education and awareness of company, corporate event/activity, corporate standing, product launches, etc.
E13 Special Events/Anniversaries Video created for special events such as work anniversaries, company parties/dinners, sports events/competitions, incentive travel/retreats, etc.
E14 Self Promotional / Demo Reel Video created for self-promotion often times includes a demonstration reel or videos of a sampling of work created
E15 Visitors Center Presentation Video created for presentation at visitor's centers for national parks, cities, special historical exhibits, etc.
E16 Recruitment Video created for recruitment of individuals, key partners, sponsorship, talent, etc.
E17 Campaign - External Series of videos created as a campaign for external communications (up to 5 videos)

F. Internal / In-House Communications / Training

F01 Benefits/Orientations Video used to education employees of company benefits and to educate them on standard activity within the company
F02 Employee Relations/News/Blog Video created to communicate to  employees about internal company information for employee relations; includes video blog shorts
F03 Health/Hygiene Video for requirements or suggestions for employee health and hygiene; requirements for area specific personal presentation, etc.
F04 Issue Sensitization/Conflict Management Video for awareness or modification of behavior by raising awareness in a company for times of conflict management including absenteeism, discipline, etc. 
F05 Motivational Video for employee motivation -- sales motivation, goal motivation or deadline motivation; performance reviews, encouragement, etc.
F06 Policy/Regulation Video for internal company instruction of policies and regulations within their specific industry
F07 Security/Safety Video for internal company safety and security pertaining to procedures and safety instruction and immediate reactions to violations of such
F08 Tributes/Recognition/Commemoration Video for recognition of a group or individual achievement, tribute to a special or deceased individual; commemoration of years of service, etc.
F09 Social Media Interaction Video for establishing company guidelines for social media interaction for employees and/or communication departments
F10 Internal Communication Video for employee instruction of communication methods (ie. body language, verbal tone, writing)
F11 Team Development/Structures Video created to help employees understand the team concept and team structures
F12 Awareness/Assertiveness/Decisions Video created for employees to be aware and recognize kinds of decisions and when assertiveness is applied; video training and guide of professionalism
F13 Customer Service Video for orienting and instructing employees for interactions and communications with customers, vendors, etc.
F14 Campaign - Internal Series of videos created as a campaign for external communications (up to 5 videos)

G. Sales/Productivity

G01 Infomercial / Paid Programming A kind of television commercial which contains a phone number or website which requires a direct or short-timed response
G02 Marketing Established Goods & Services Video which reintroduces and markets a product that has already been introduced in attempts to bring about new sales
G03 Marketing New Goods & Services Video which intentionally markets the new product or service in a way that is intended to increase sales; springboard marketing of new product or service
G04 New Product/Service Introduction Video used as a tool to introduce a new product or service; this differs from marketing goods/services in that it only introduces the product; includes announcements, releases, etc.
G05 Sales Promotion Media marketing video employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability; can be directed to customer, sales staff, or distribution channels
G06 Customer/Public Relations Video created to manage the spread of information between an individual/organization and the general public; to inform the public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and ultimately persuade them to maintain a certain view about the organization, its leadership, products, or of political decisions
G07 Shareholder Report/Relations Video for primary use in reporting to shareholders, venture capital, stock holders, governmental agencies, etc. (may be webcast)
G08 Product/Service Overview Video to overview the product/service and all of it's features, functions, and benefits
G09 Product Review / Comparison Video used to compare one or more product or services for consumer reviews and comparison
G10 Electronic Signage Display Video used on electronic billboards, rolling signs, or other electronic signage as sales tool to promote product or services as in transportation stations, billboards, business offices, etc.
G11 Whiteboard Presentation/Reports Illustrated to a whiteboard with markers as use in sales or productivity report presented as video with stop motion animation
G12 Negotiation Instruction Video training strategies, tactics and aspects of negotiation
G13 Presentation / Public Speaking Skills Video training strategies, tactics and aspects of presentation, public presentation attributes and skills

H. Conventions/Meetings/POS/Shows

H01 Company Meeting/Conference Video of company meetings, organization conventions & conferences
H02 Convention/Exhibition Live footage and display of convention/exhibition Includes comic con-type, fashion show runways, car and boat shows, retail and product shows
H03 Convention Openers/Closers Video created for convention opening/closings
H04 Point of Sales Presentation Video displayed at booths of exhibitions and conventions
H05 Live Event/Video Conferencing Live event / video conferencing which also includes live webinars, webcasts, etc.
H06 Product / Service Demo Video created as product/service demonstrations
H07 Trade Show Presentation Video specific for trade show presentation to entire audiences; this may also include video of a visual performance used for trade show presentation
H08 Awards Presentations Video of awards or recognition programs presented at meetings, conventions, or exhibitions; also coverage of live award event

I. Educational / Training  / Instructional / How-To

I01 General Instructions Video learning for general instructions 
I02 Sciences Instructions Video learning for sciences instruction including natural, applied, formal, social, and behavioral sciences
I03 Art/Culture Instruction Video learning of art and culture instruction including knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits
I04 Social Studies Video learning of social studies or concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society
I05 Leadership, Management Training Video learning or training for leadership and management
I06 Interpersonal Skills Video learning skills a person uses to communicate and interact with others or "people skills" and "communication skills"
I07 Issue Awareness Video guide for awareness of an issue (self-awareness, legal awareness, top-of-mind awareness, etc.) or just to widen a perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event
I08 Sales Training Video guide for sales, specific sales training and training to be a better salesperson
I09 Financial / Information Handling Video guide pertaining to financial and information handling including budgeting, workplace deposits, accounting, tax preparation, etc.
I10 Technology / Computer Training Video guide relating to technology and computers and may include electronic gadget instruction, computer software use, virus protection and computer maintenance, etc.
I11 Cooking / Food Preparation Video guide demonstrating cooking and food preparation of food including recipe directions and food presentation techniques
I12 Living Skills Video learning of daily living skills; also created for persons with impairments or learning deficiencies
I13 Fitness / Health Video learning of fitness and health includes activities, education, and training 
I14 Personal How To / Hobbies / Crafts Video learning of personal activities such as hobbies, crafts, foreign language study, yoga, leisure sports, card games, volunteering, needle arts, pottery, etc.
I15 Technical for General Audiences Video learning of technical instructions for general audiences and may include self-help repair of vehicles, appliances, do-it-yourself projects, etc.
I16 Other Video learning for all other topics not included in this group
I17 For Children Under 12 Video education specifically designed for young children, includes all subjects
I18 Screencast Online video instruction where you view screenshots in order to learn
I19 Medical Video instruction designed for the medical fields including dental, health and other related medical fields.

J. Technical Information/Report

J01 Aerospace Video for technical aerospace and aeronautic related information and resports.
J02 Agriculture Video for technical agricultural related information and reports.
J03 Computer Products / Services Video for technical computer products, services and electronic related information and reports.
J04 Education Video for technical education related information and reports.
J05 Financial Video for technical financial and money-related information and reports.
J06 Government Agency Video for technical government and government contract related information and reports.
J07 Legal / Deposition Video for technical legal and law related information and reports, including depositions, hearing reports, etc.
J08 Livestock / Animals Video for technical animal and livestock related information and reports.
J09 Manufacturing / Machines Video for technical manufacturing related information and reports.
J10 Marketing / Business Video for technical marketing and business related information and reports.
J11 Medical / Medicine / Health Video for technical medical, health and medicine related information and reports.
J12 Research Video for technical research information and resports.
J13 Sciences / Ecology Video for technical sciences and ecology related information and reports.
J14 Services Video for technical service related information and reports.
J15 Travel / Tourism Video for technical travel and tourism related information and reports.
J16 Specialized / Other Video for all other technical information and reports.

K. Interactive Multimedia

K01 Graphical User Interface Interactive video instruction of creating GUIs, interaction with GUIs or related material to familiarize the user with basic instructions of operation.
K02 Navigation Interactive video instruction of navigating a website, navigating administrative functions, navigating flight, navigating driving directions, navigating with a GPS, etc.
K03 Extra Features Interactive video demonstrating extra features, special codes, special functions, additional options, etc.
K04 Educational Interactive video designed for educational purposes
K05 Promotional Interactive video designed for promotion of a product or service
K06 Training - General Interactive video designed for general training
K07 Training - Technical Interactive video designed for technical training
K08  Entertainment / Recreation Interactive video specifically developed for entertainment and recreation
K09 Documentary / Historical Interactive video created to let the user interact with a historical time via a documentary or other related event, person or place
K10 Other All other interactive topics not included
K11 Experimental Interactive video that attempts to explore alternatives to traditional ways of working and may include innovation in narration, shooting, lighting, etc.

L. Broadcast

L01 Feature Story - Interest Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable human-interest video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L02 Feature Story - Governmental / Political Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable political or government-related video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L03 Feature Story - Education Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable education-related video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L04 Feature Story - Technology Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable technology-related video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L05 Feature Story - Community Service Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable community service related video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L06 Feature Story - Lifestyle Non-time bound publicity, usually a memorable lifestyle related video story which has more information than a press release and is creatively written. Single story.
L07 Feature Review A video review or evaluation of a publication, service, or company such as a music performance or movie review, product review, book review, etc.
L08 Breaking News Report A "news flash" that interrupts regular programming to bring viewers updated information about events of great importance.
L09 Public Affairs Program A video which provide analysis of and interviews about political, social and economic issues
L10 Citizen Recognition A special feature video which recognizes the contributions of a local citizen or the influence or acts of a special citizen.
L11 Investigative Report A video presentation which deeply investigates a single topic of interest, such as benefits of community involvement, political or corporate wrongdoing, etc.
L12 Consumer Report A video which presents an outside look at a product or service and may compare it in price and quality to like items for consumer decision-making
L13 Influencer Interview A video interview with individuals who are influential and leaders in their industry.
L14 Year-end Highlights - News A video highlighting news and milestones of the previous year's events as a condensed version of the most memorable or influential times.
L15 Year-end Highlights - Sports A video highlighting sports and recreation events and activities of the previous year as a condensed version of the most memorable or influential times.

M. Student Work

M01 Short Film (> 12 minutes) An instructor-guided/student produced film short entertainment or documentary created as part of a study of film and video
M02 Long Film (< 12 minutes) An instructor-guided/student produced film  entertainment or documentary created as part of a study of film and video
M03 Historical Review An instructor-guided/student produced historic-related film created as part of a study of film and video
M04 Promotion of a Cause An instructor-guided/student produced promotion of a cause or related film created as part of a study of film and video
M05 Business Related An instructor-guided/student produced business-related film created as part of a study of film and video
M06 Student Newscast An instructor-guided/student produced newscast created as part of a study of film and video
M07 Graphics / Animation An instructor-guided/student produced works of animation or graphics and created as part of a technical study of film and video


IF YOU DID NOT FIND A CATEGORY THAT REPRESENTS YOUR ENTRY...Please contact The Aurora Awards office from our Contact Us page and we will gladly assist you. 



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