Masterpieces have intrinsic value, but everyone benefits when they're shared. It's important to have people value your work and recognize its quality. Your masterpiece must be seen by others, and what a better way than to have award-winning industry professionals recognize your fine work.


The Aurora is hard to win, no question. We did that because the Aurora Award has to mean something! When you win an Aurora, the prestige and credibility factors for you are extremely high. For many years we have worked to establish that reputation. Every year we hear from people who have won other "give away" competitions who didn't win an Aurora. Rest assured that Aurora judging is stringent. Don't be discouraged from trying, though. With an Aurora entry, you are not competing against peers with potentially a much bigger budget than yours--you are competing against an absolute threshold of excellence. If your piece meets all the judging criteria, artistic and technical, to a certain high but attainable level, then you will win!


~Jason Gutz, TVW Special Projects Videographer, Olympia, WA

~John Arnold, President/Creative Director of Arnold & Associates, Alexandria VA

~James Vergara, Public Information Media Coordinator,
San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA