With your win, you will have access to an array of marketing and recognition tools. 

    • Statues
    • Certificates
    • Award winners list
    • Link to your website (see Winners Lists)
    • Feedback from Judges
    • Opportunity to judge future competitions
    • Official Press Release
    • Self-promotion tools (link)
    • Downloadable images


Besides, winning an Aurora Award, seeing your certificate, and holding your beautiful (and heavy) statue in your hands feels good! The beautiful statue on your desk or in your foyer will speak volumes without having to say anything.

However to help take you to the next level, we offer...


Our winners have long been included in a list on our website. We have been contacted by companies telling us they have received new projects because a potential client found their company listed on our site; but now, we are taking it one giant step further. The Aurora Award winners' listings will include a link directly to your website! Potential clients can access your website in one click, with your contact information right in front of them...ready to believe in your abilities!

We also provide an Official Press Release that you can share with your clients indicating what the award means and listing some of the other "big names" who you stand side-by-side as an Aurora Award winner.


Every Aurora Award entrant will get a Judges' Feedback indicating how well the entry scored in each of the three judging criteria (execution, content, and creativity). Judges are also encouraged to provide additional feedback indicating your work's strengths and areas for improvement. Any comments the judges may provide can also be used as printed endorsements in your own literature. That ought to get you some attention!


As a winner of The Aurora Awards you become eligible to be selected to participate as a judge in future competitions. Based on your winnings and the abilities we see in you, we select our judges from among the very best.


This area is specifically designed to help The Aurora Winners publicize their award winning work. It offers recommendations for further promotion once you have received your award.

  • Distributing a Press Release
  • Bragging Rites
  • Thanking Your Team
  • Use of the Aurora Awards Logos
  • Displaying the Statue
  • Contacting Your Local Media
  • Sharing on Social Media