The Aurora Awards winners are rewarded with the
“Platinum Best of Show” or “Gold Award”. The Best of Show
is the highest honor and is awarded to an average of about
in ten entries. The Gold Award is next with an average of two in
ten receiving this award. Each award is accompanied by an authentic
non-reproducible embossed and foil printed certificate. This unique

design features a holographic foil that gives the Aurora her 3D look.

Each certificate is individually printed
and can be customized.


The Aurora is a prestigious award that many feel is the industry's most beautiful statue. The Aurora statue was designed to embody the creative reach and commissioned specifically for the competition by a nationally renowned sculptor, Laura Lee Stay-Bradshaw. Its strong vertical lines and flowing form were designed to embody the creative reach for higher ground. On its wooden pedestal, the Aurora stands just over fourteen inches tall, weighs about five pounds and is nickel or gold plated.


Upon winning an Aurora Award you are entitled to purchase an Aurora statue. Additional statues may be purchased for members of your team and for your clients for whom you produced this award. Domestic U.S. winners may purchase each statue at $170 USD and International winners may purchase each statue at $200-240 USD, (includes shipping and handling). Additional certificates, besides the free certificate originally awarded, may also be purchased for $15 each ($20 International).

If you need further information about ordering, please contact our office at 801-535-4339 or EMAIL US.